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Sometimes the names of additives and the numbers listed on foods could be very confusing. How do we explain them?

During the processing of food, a wide variety of substances are added which includes preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizers and emulsifiers, coloring and sweeteners. While some will improve and enhance the taste of food, others will assist in keeping the quality or increase the nutritional value.

These natural and synthetic substances have been approved as safe for use in food before they are added. The list of the approved additives includes naturally occuring substances like pectin which is obtained from apples and used as a gelling agent. Lecithin obtained primarily from soya beans and frequently used as an emulsifier or stabilizer. Other permitted additives of natural substances are like ascorbic acid, the chemical name for vitamin C.

Besides these natural or nature-identical compounds, there are a substantial number of synthetic additives too. All of these additives, both natural, nature-identical and synthetic, have been recognized as a safe additions to food.

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