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Cassia as natural remedy for good health

Also known as Saigon Cinnamon as it is closely related to Cinnamon. However, compared with cinnamon, it is less delicate and less expensive. This herb is useful for treatment of various sickness. Please visit here for more.

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Using cardamom as health remedies

Native to India and Southeast Asia, cardamom is a plant species and its seeds. There are many uses of cardamom as remedies to attain good health. Please visit here for more.

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About Caraway Seed

Caraway is cultivated in many parts of the world and the fruit and seed of the plant are used to prepare medicinal remedies to attain a good health. For more on caraway, please visit here.

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Using Butea as natural remedies

This tree is also called 'Flame of the Forest' and Bastard Teak. It grows throughout Haryana, rest of the Indian subcontinent, especially in Indo-Gangetic plains, from 150 m to 1000 m. It has many medicinal value and is used as a natural remedy. Please visit here for more on butea.

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Black Nightshade as natural remedies for good health

Black nightshade, common name for both a family of plants, and for a genus of mostly weedy plants. The nightshade family has about 90 genera and 2,600 species and includes crop and garden plants such as potato, tomato, petunia, tobacco and eggplant, as well as many poisonous plants. However, black nightshade with the botanical name solunum nigrum is useful as natural remedies.

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