About Datura

Using Datura as Natural Health Remedy

(Botanical Name: Datura stramonium)

Origin, Distribution and Composition
Datura is a bushy plant growing up to one meter in height. It has large egg shaped leaves, very large white flowers and egg-shaped fruits, covered with prickles. The dried leaves, top portion of the flower and seeds of the plant constitute the drug.

Datura is referred to in ancient Indian literature as shivashekheru because the flowers are believed to be associated with Lord Shiva. It was known to the ancient Hindu physicians. They regarded the drug as an intoxicant, with emetic, digestive and healing powers. Smoking of datura seeds as a treatment for asthma was known during the vedic period.

Datura is indigenous to India. The plant grows in temperate Himalayas up to 2500 meters and in the hilly belts of Central and Southern India.

The leaves of the plant contain alkaloids. The cultivated plants produce higher percentage of alkaloids. Seeds yield deploid I and tetraploid II besides alkaloids. Some amount of alkaloids are there in dried seeds and fruits.


Healing power and curative powers of datura

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