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You are what you eat

Eating to a healthier life

Being beautiful isn't only about how you look on the outside. It is also about possessing an inner glow.

The first step towards achieving this is through healthy eating. A diet with the right balance of nutrients is essential to your body and overall wellness. These nutrients play an essential role in giving you better skin and stronger bones, enhancing your immunity system and even influencing your cholesterol levels, moods and energy.

Just remember to enjoy a wide variety of foods. Treat yourself to lots of fruits, grains, vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

Boost your energy with carbohydrates such as cereals, breads and rice. Also don't forget your proteins like milk, meats, and legumes. And to reduce the risks of obesity and heart disease, go easy on the fats and oils.

Always bear in mind that good eating habits are just as important as good food. So make simple adjustments to your current eating habits like eating moderately to maintain your ideal body weight, observing breakfast, having regular meals, reducing your salt and sugar intake as well as drinking plenty of water at all times.

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