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Preventing Malnutrition

What Can be Done to Prevent Malnutrition?

With the growing awareness on the adverse effects of malnutrition, physicians and allied health personnel now have a better understanding of the importance of identifying patients at risk and introducing proactive measures before malnutrition sets in. Usually, in the early stages of a disease, there is a "window opportunity" to put in place appropriate corrective steps to prevent malnutrition before it becomes a more serious problem.

Providing nutritional support to high-risk individuals helps to increase body weight and prolong life. It also improves immune functions and muscle bulk, resulting in better muscle function, strength and allows the individual to be independent in terms of mobility.

What is nutritional support?

Nutritional support is providing essential nutrients to the body by special means other than through normal foods in the diet. Oral nutritional support is now commercially available. However, the formulations of different brands may vary in terms of nutrient content, taste, acceptability and cost. These products can be given as a meal supplement or as a meal replacement.

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