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Natto, A Distinctive Health Benefits

Natto is a thousand-year old healthy traditional Japanese dish

Japan has the highest average longevity in the world, which is partly atributed to a high consumption of soybean products, especially 'Natto'. A traditional Japanese food, Natto is steamed soy beans that have been fermented for a few days, with the addition of some beneficial bacteria (Bacillus Natto). Since Natto is made from soybeans fermented by Bacillus Natto, it is stiky and has a strong smell and taste. Because of the smell, some people dislike eating Natto. But, Natto is known as a nutritious food in Japan, and the popularity has been increasing in recent years.

Recently its medical benefits have been widely recognized in Japan resulting in its increased popularity. Some of its beneficial properties are attributed to its soybean origin. Bacillus Natto produces various enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients unique to Natto during its Natto fermentation. It is these unique elements that give Natto its distinctive health and medical benefits.

By using Natto as an ingredient in some of your dishes, you will not only enjoy the food, but you will also lead a healthy lifestyle.

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