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Body's Nutritional Requirements

How to Meet Our Body's Nutritional Requirements

When food intake fails to meet the body's nutritional requirements, we may suffer from malnutrition. Our body cannot function normally because it does not have enough energy and essential nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to maintain its activities. We may experience weakness, dizziness, weight loss and become susceptible to infections.

The effects of vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also arise. In certain cases, this can lead to mental or physical disability, illness and possible, death. The effects of malnutrition are more noticeable in hospitalized patients. Malnutrition can in fact aggravate the underlying disease conditions and increase the risk of complications such as infections and impaired wound healing. Malnutrition can also affect muscle function and strength. On the whole, malnourished patients suffer from more complications and have a greater risks of death.

However, all is not lost. People with special dietary needs or restrictions can still stay strong. Nutritional support can help them fulfill their nutrient requirements and hence prevent malnutrition. Besides hospitalized patients, generally, people with special dietary needs are also at risk. For example, infants and children run higher risks because of their higher nutritional requirements. Injury and illness also increase the demand for energy and essential nutrients.

The elderly and people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol, have dietary restrictions. Feeding can also be a big problem as they may be choosy with food and refuse to eat or have poor appetites as a result of their diminished sense of taste and smell. Consequently, they do not get enough nutrients from their food and thus suffer from malnutrition.

Another group concerns people who lead a very stressful lives. They tend to skip meals because of their busy schedules. Patients who have gastrointestinal problems, especially surgical cases and those who suffer from liver or kidney ailments, may have symptoms of malabsorption and are prone to developing vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

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