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Avocado - Natural Benefits and Curative Properties

The natural benefits and curative properties of Avocado

The avocado possesses virtues of extraordinary character. For purity, wholesomeness, ease of digestibility and adaptation to human needs, it has few rivals.

Digestive System Disorders

The avocado is an excellent food remedy in acute digestive disorders. Its blandness is comforting to the hypersensitive surfaces of the stomach and duodenum, and its abundant vitamins reanimate the inflamed and crippled cells. The physicians in China have, for centuries, prescribed the juice of this fruit for colic and chills in the stomach. The Japanese employ the same remedy to treat ulceration of the intestines.

The avocado is an efficient aid in changing the intestinal flora to combat autointoxication, colitis, and biliousness. In cases of hyperacidity with sour stomach, avocado and well ripened papaya should be used as a staple diet. These two fruits are most appropriate foods in cases of duodenitis and duodenal ulcer, because they are bland or soothing to the sensitive membrane and pass quickly into the intestine.

Bad Breath

The avocado is far superior to any mouth lotion or remedies for bad breath. It effectively removes intestinal putrefactions or decomposition which is the real cause of a coated tongue and bad breath.

Bright's Disease

The avocado is especially useful as a staple food in cases of Bright's disease because of its small protein content and with none of the poisonous extractives present in the flesh of this fruit.


The oil of avocado is considered beneficial in treatment of psoriasis. It should be applied gently to the affected parts. It helps in taking the scales off.


As avocados become sour when cooked and cannot successfully survive freezing, they should be eaten raw and as fresh as possible. If they have to be kept for a short time, they should be stored at room temperature and not in a refrigerator.

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