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Apple - A Wholesome Fruit

Apple as one of the most valuable of all the fruits

The apple (Malus sylvestris) is a sub-acid fruit and one of the most valuable of all the fruits. It is a fleshy fruit, with tough skin, ranging in color from greenish yellow to red. It is usually five to seven cm in diameter and has pinkish or yellowish white flesh. The apple is considered 'protective' and most wholesome food.

Apart from it energy value, it plays an important role in the normal development of metabolic functions i.e.  the chemical and physical changes that take place within the body and enable its continued growth and functioning.

The apple is a native of Eastern Europe and Western Asia and has been cultivated from pre-historic times. It has being mentioned in the annals of old China, Babylon and Egypt. The Bible also contains several references to this fruit. The Scandinavians called it the "Foods of Gods" and believed that it possessed medicinal properties to regenerate both mind and body. In India, apples are grown in the hilly areas of Kashmir, Kulu and Kumaon. Nearly 7,500 varieties of the fruit are grown all over the world.

The apple is a highly nutritive food. It contains minerals and vitamins in abundance. The food value of the apple is chiefly constituted by its contents of sugar which ranges from 9 to 51 percent. Of this, fruit sugar constitutes 60 percent and glucose 25 percent and cane sugar only 15 percent.

Raw apples generally contain a small quantity of starch which gets wholly converted into sugar during the process of ripening. The acid content of the apple is also increased together with the sugar. This acid is constituted mostly by malic acid which is completed utilized by the body.

The skin of the apple should not be discarded when taking it in raw form as the skin and the flesh just below it contain more vitamin C than the inner flesh. The vitamin content decreases gradually towards the center of the fruit. The skin also contains five times more vitamin A than the flesh.

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