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Eye Disorders and Dental Disorders

Using Apples to Treat Eye and Dental Disorders

Eye Disorders

The apple peel water is an excellent medicine for the inflamed eyes both as a beverage and as an eye wash. This beverage is prepared by putting the peelings in a pan, well covered with water. The water should be brought to boiling point and allowed to simmer gently for a few minutes. The water should then be strained off and some honey added to it. The over-ripen apples are useful as a poultice for sore eyes. They pulp is applied over the closed eyes and is held in position with a bandage. It is allowed to remain there for one to two hours.

Dental Disorders

Tooth-decay can be prevented by regular consumption of apples as they possess a mouth cleansing property. Apples have mouth cleansing property that no other fruit possesses, and taken after meals, they have the same effect as a tooth brush in cleansing the teeth, with the added advantage that the acid content, aside from its nutritive value, is of assistance in promoting the flow of saliva in the mouth, which is also beneficial to the teeth. The acid of the apple also exerts an antiseptic influence upon the germs present in the mouth and teeth when it is thoroughly chewed. Apples are thus regarded as a natural preserver of the teeth and should be taken in all tooth troubles.

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