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Aniseed - Healing Power and Curative Properties

Aniseed with Healing Power and Curative Properties

Aniseed is esteemed in medicine for its properties to relieve flatulence and to remove catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tube. These properties are due to the presence of its essential oil. The seed also induces copious perspiration and increases the volume and discharge of urine.

Aniseed should not be boiled too long as it may lose its digestive properties and essential oil during the process. The seed are used to flavor curries, sweets, cakes, cookies and biscuits. Anise oil is employed in medicine as an aromatic carminative to relieve flatulence. Being a mild expectorant, it is used as an ingredient of beverages and liqueurs. It is a popular flavoring agent for dental preparations and mouth washes.

Digestive Disorders - Aniseed is an ideal medicine for expelling wind from the stomach. it can also be taken, in combination with other digestive like ginger, cumin and pepper, in the form of an infusion. Gripe water for infants contains aniseed extract. An easy way to prepare the infusion is to mix a teaspoon of aniseed in a cup of boiling water and leave it covered overnight. The clear fluid is then decanted and taken with honey. This is an ideal treatment for indigestion, especially when there is gurgling in the abdomen. It is also useful in preventing gas and fermentation in the stomach and the bowels.

Cataract - The herb is useful in the treatment of cataract. In such case, 6 grams of aniseed should be taken daily in the morning and evening. The other way of taking this herb is to powder an equal weight of aniseed and coriander seeds and to mix it with an equal weight of unrefined sugar. About 12 grams doses of this mixture is to be taken in the morning and evening.

Asthma - Aniseed is considered beneficial in the treatment of asthma due to its expectorant properties.

Insomnia - Tea made from aniseed is considered beneficial in the treatment of sleeplessness. It is prepared by boiling 375 ml of water and adding a teaspoon of aniseed. The water should be covered with a lid and allowed to simmer for 15 minutes. It should then be strained and taken hot or warm. Honey and hot milk will improve the taste. It should be sipped either after meals or before going to bed.

Head Lice - Aniseed is used externally as an insecticide against small insects such as lice, mites and vermin. It also has fungicidal properties.

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