Steamed Cauliflower Recipe

Steamed Cauliflower Recipe

Ingredients :

1 Medium-sized cauliflower

1 teaspoon Salt

1 tablespoon Rice wine or dry sherry

1 tablespoon Sesame seed oil

1 cube Fermented red bean curd

Method :

When choosing cauliflower, make sure the leaves that curl round the flower are bright green and not withered. Bright leaves show that the cauliflower is fresh. Wash the cauliflower well under the cold water tap, trim off the hard root and discard the tough outer leaves. Keep a few of the tender leaves on as they add to the color and flavor. Place the cauliflower in a snugly fitting bowl. Mix salt, wine and sesame seed oil and pour them evenly over the cauliflower, covering its entire surface. Place the bowl in a steamer and cook over high heat for 10-15 minutes. To serve, remove bowl from the steamer. Crush the fermented red bean curd with a little sauce and pour it over the cauliflower. you should be able to break the cauliflower into florets either with a spoon or a pair of chopsticks. Serve hot.

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