Tips For Stress Free Cooking



Follow these 10 top cooking tips to have a stress free cooking experience

Cooking a great meal should not be stressful. If you follow these 10 top cooking tips you will find that making your next meal a masterpiece is a cinch.

Without further adieu here are a 10 top Cooking Tips:

  1. Stop opening the oven: Every time you open up your oven to “take a peek” at that cake, pot roast, or anything else, you are screwing up the temperature. Leave it closed.
  2. Do not over stir: When using a frying pan it is important to move the contents around in order to ensure everything cooks evenly. However over stirring interferes with the cooking which prolongs the process and causes the food to dry out.
  3. Don’t forget the salt: Salt “wakes up” the taste buds. If you do not use enough salt your food will taste bland.
  4. Sift your flour and sugar: Home cooks rarely remember to sift their flour and sugar before using it. Sifting these ingredients will prevent clumping and give dough a better texture.
  5. Use the proper burner: When cooking on the stove top always make sure you match the size of the pot to the size of the burner.
  6. Cook off your alcohol: Using alcohol in a dish is great, however it needs to be cooked for several minutes with the lid off of the pot in order to release the alcohol vapors.
  7. Sharpen your knives: In order to speed your prep time up and get nice clean cuts you should sharpen your knives for a few seconds before use.
  8. Add fresh herbs last: When fresh herbs hit heat they release essential oils. If you add these herbs too soon those oils will be cooked away.
  9. Always clean your fish and shrimp: Fish and shrimp have something called a mud vein running through them. Always remove it before cooking them up.
  10. Let your meat rest: All meat should rest for at least 7 minutes after it has cooked. The longer the resting period the better the flavor will be.

These 10 top cooking tips will elevate any home chef’s food to the next level.

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