Red Onions

The different varieties of onions



Types of onions

The most common onion varieties are yellow, white, red, and green. The yellow onion, which is the general all-purpose onion, should feel firm, the skin should be dry and papery, and the stem small. The skin should be free of any green sunburn marks, mold, or blackish decay spots. A typical fresh onion odor emits from well-selected onions. Onion flavor ranges from pungent to sweet, with varieties including Vidalia (small, sweet yellow), Texas 1015 (large yellow), White Boiler (small white), Medium White (large white), and Red. Vidalia onions are known for their distinctive taste, which is sweeter and milder than other onions because of their higher sugar and water content. This type of onion is preferred for onion rings, omelets, pizzas, marmalades, sauteing, or any other dish where a distinctive sweet onion flavor is desired. Only onions from specific counties in the state of Georgia may legally carry the Vidalia name.

OnionsRed onions are commonly used raw in salads. White or “boiling” onions are frequently added to stews. Pearl onions are tiny and have a mild flavor and crisp texture. Pearl onions are often served with peas as a vegetable or an ingredient in stews. Green onions, also known as scallions, are “onions to be” that have been harvested while the bulbs were still small and the leaves still growing. For scallions, tender, succulent, small to medium bulbs with springy leaves that hold their shape are preferred. Green onions are commonly used in salads, in Mexican dishes, for stir-frying, and alone as a garnish.

Shallots are related to the onion family, although their cloves more closely resemble garlic; they are a common ingredient in sauces. Leeks are also a type of onion.