Infrared cooking

How Safe is Infrared Cooking?



The Truth – How Safe is Infrared Cooking?

Infrared cooking is a form of high speed cooking which uses infrared energy instead of microwaves to cook your food. Many outdoor grills rely on infrared technology, and as the technology becomes more and more popular, people are starting to question its safety. Infrared is a form of electromagnetic energy, and prolonged exposure to such high-energy EM devices can increase your risk of getting cancer. So it is only natural that given with that kind of knowledge, many people are starting to wonder if it is really safe to use infrared for cooking.

So, How Safe Is Infrared Cooking?

Infrared burnerWhile it’s true that high-energy EM radiation can damage your DNA, the low energy emissions caused by broilers, grills and other infrared devices won’t put out enough power to alter your DNA. So while the question, “How safe is infrared cooking?” is a sensible one to ask, the truth is that you have nothing to fear from these devices. Microwaves don’t make your food radioactive, and according to the studies performed by the US National Research Council, infrared cooking won’t give you cancer.

Better Safe Than Sorry

While cooking with infrared is considered perfectly safe, it’s still a good idea to take some precautions. Do not use your cooker if the seal or hinge is broken, and don’t let children handle the device unsupervised. If your cooker is not working properly, have it repaired by a professional. Don’t try to fix it yourself.

Infrared grills use a lot of energy and can cook your food incredibly fast. This means that the food stays moist, while still cooking all the way through. When used properly, an infrared cooker can be a safe and efficient way to make tasty and nutritious food. The only unsafe thing about infrared cooking is the danger associated with mishandling the cooking equipment – something that can be said for all cooking devices since the invention of the open fire.