Trout with Almonds Recipe

Trout with Almonds Recipe

Ingredients : Serves 4

4 trout
50 g/2 oz/0.25 cup butter or margarine

50 g/2 oz/0.5 cup flaked (slivered) almonds
60 ml/4 tbsp lemon juice
Freshly ground black pepper
4 watercress sprigs

Method :

Make three slashes in the skin of the trout on each side, dot with the butter or margarine and grill (broil) for about 10 minutes, turning once, until the fish is cooked through and the skin is crisp. Transfer the fish to a warm serving dish and keep warm. Pour the butter from the grill (broiler) into a frying pan (skillet). Add the almonds and a little extra butter if needed. Fry (sauté) gently until the almonds begin to brown. Add the lemon juice and pepper and pour over the fish. Serve garnished with the watercress.

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