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Can ordinary cream be turned into sour cream easily?

Yes, just stir 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice into 150 ml of fresh cream, depending on how thick you like it. Left to stand for 30 minutes and the cream will thicken. The taste and texture will be slightly different, but it is a good substitute for commercial sour cream. To make a lighter version, blend equal quantities of cream and yoghurt. Creams, fresh and sour, are an ideal base for a quick party dips. Serve with raw vegetables, corn chips, bread sticks, crisps, or pita bread, or use to fill baked potatoes.

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Should we use fromage frais like a cream or like a cheese?

Fromage frais, which mean, 'fresh cheese' in French, is made from skimmed cow's milk and may have been enriched with cream. it can be used like cream in both sweet and savory dishes, but it cannot be whipped, and it curdles easily on heating. Add to the hot dish, off the heat, stir in well and then reheat the dish gently for a few seconds only.

As a dessert, formage frais can be served fresh with fruit or sugar, or substituted for cream or cheese in cheesecakes. You can also use fromage frais instead of cream for a pavlova. Flavored fromage frais is widely available. Fromage frais will kepp for up to two months in the freezer; stir it well once it has been thawed and use the same day.

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About whipped cream

How to rescue the cream if it has been whipped too much?
There is no remedy. Always chill the cream before starting to whip and beat it firmly but carefully and not too fiercely.

Is it possible to make a lighter type of whipped cream?
You can lighten whipped cream by folding in one whisked egg white to every 300 ml of whipped cream. This lightened cream must be used within 2 hours as it is less stable than standard whipped cream.

Will cream separate if another flavoring is added to it?
No, just pour the flavoring, such as flower water, spirits or liqueur, into the cream, stir until well mixed, then chill until needed.

Can cream be frozen?
Yes, as long as it has a milk fat content of 35 percent or more. The best results are achieved by half-whipping the cream before freezing. The cream should then be placed in a suitable freezer container, leaving room for expansion. Freeze for up to three months and defrost in the refrigerator.

Is it possible to substitute creme fraiche for cream, and use it the same way?
Yes, but it is not suitable for whipping. However, the high fat content of creme fraiche means it does not curdle when heated, and it is therefore suitable for hot dishes such as soups, where it acts as a thickener, and casseroles. We can also eat creme fraiche with fruit purees or honey. Or serve it with cakes, tarts or any dessert you would usually serve with cream.

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Can frozen cranberries be used to make cranberry sauce?

Yes, frozen cranberries can be used to make cranberry sauce and they should be cooked while they are still frozen. Cranberry sauce is most often served with roast turkey, but it can also be used as a sweet topping for ice cream or cheesecake, as a filling for sponge cakes or little meringue nests, either combined with or topped with whipped cream.

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