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What is the difference between chocolate and cocoa?

Cocoa comes from the cacao bean, the fruit of the cacao tree, and was one of the treasures Columbus took back to Spain from the New World. The cacao tree originated in the Amazon rain forest and had spread as far as Peru and Mexico in Columbus's time. However, it was Hernando Cortez, while conquering Mexico for Spain, who realized that cocoa was special after he saw it transformed into a chocolate liquid, served in golden goblets, at the court of Emperor Montezuma.

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How to get the right clams to make an American clam chowder?

Quahogs or hard-shell clams are named in the United States according to size, starting with little necks and cherrystones and going up to the largest sharps or chowder clams, which can measure up to 13 cm. It is these large ones that are minced for chowders, as they have a strong flavor and will withstand long cooking, but you can use any clams and simply add them later in the cooking. Canned clams can also be used in a chowder and New England clam chowder is rich and creamy.

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