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Are there any low-fat fillings for jacket potatoes that sink into the flesh instead of just sit on top?

Sadly, no. It is fat that sinks into the flesh, softening it and giving flavor. Low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese are just not as effective or as delicious as butter. However, there are some good fillings that turn a jacket potato into a meal.

1) A poached or soft-boiled egg slipped inside a split baked potato makes a satisfying supper, as the yolk spills nicely into the flesh. For a more elaborate treatment, spoon out the cooked potato flesh, then season and mash it. Separate a raw egg, beat the yolk into the mashed potato (with some cheese, too, if you like), then whisk the egg white firmly and fold in. Spoon back into the potato shells and return to a hot oven to rise souffle-style.

2) For vegetarians, baked potatoes can be topped with cucumber and celery in sour cream or yogurt and sprinkled with chopped nuts.

3) Smoked cod in white sauce is good in baked potatoes, as is tara-masalata with diced cucumber.

4) Scoop out the flesh from split baked potatoes, then mash diced grilled bacon into it plus chopped red onion. Spoon back into the shells, top with grated cheese and return to the oven to heat through and melt the cheese. Serve with hot beetroot or green vegetables.

5) Baked jacket potatoes to accompany a stew can be split and served with a spoonful of the meat juices or gravy to moisten and flavor them.

6) Olive oil and mashed anchovy makes a pungent filling, or try sour cream with some chopped onion in it and a topping of caviar.

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