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Which are the best plums to eat fresh and which need cooking?

Most plums can be eaten fresh; only a few are too tart to be eaten raw and are best used for cooking. Dessert plums are at their best when they have a bloom on their skin and are plump and firm to the touch. Disregard any that are damaged, shriveled or poor in color. Varieties to look out for include President, Black Amber, Donsworth Lewis, Mariposa (blood plum), Narrabeen, Tegan Blue and Santa Rosa. Dessert varieties of plum, such as the greengage, can also be used for cooking if they are bought slightly underripe.

Of the cooking plums, damsons are the best known, especially for making jam. Angelina is another cooking variety available. These are excellent for French-style fruit tarts or flans.

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