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Healthier Jelly

Packet jelly always seems to taste artificial. Is there any easy way I could use fresh fruit to make a healthier, more natural jelly? The answer is yes because fresh oranges, lemons and all berries can be easily converted into jelly and the result has a flavor much nicer than any you make from a packet. Children who resist eating fresh fruit often love jelly and making your own helps to ensure that some vitamins are retained. Fresh fruit jellies should be eaten on the day they are made.

Jellies made with boysenberry, raspberry, strawberry or black-berry will still contain a few seeds even after the puree has been sieved. If this coarser texture is not to your liking, you can remove all the seeds by straining the puree through a muslin cloth. Try making fruit jellies with as little sugar as you can so they are really healthy, and the taste of the fruit comes through.

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