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Kidneys, From Grill to Pie

Are all types of kidney equally suitable for grilling and frying, or for using in steak and kidney pie?

Lamb's and pig's kidneys are both tender and after preparation, can be grilled, fried, casseroled or used in pies. Lamb's kidney has the more subtle flavor; pig's kidney is somewhat stronger. Large, multilobed veal kidneys are lightly colored and delicately flavored but expensive. They are best quickly grilled or fried in order to optimize their tenderness.

Ox kidneys from mature animals are strongly flavored and best cooked slowly with other ingredients in casseroles and pies. Many people consider them the first choice for a steak and kidney pie. The flavor of kidneys combines well with herbs, mushrooms, mustard, olives, peppers, tomatoes and strongly flavored wines.

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