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What is the difference between cornflour and cornmeal, and can they be used in the same way?

Cornflour and cornmeal differ considerably. Cornflour is ground to a fine chalky white powder and is a valuable thickening agent in sauces. It is also added to some cakes and biscuits. Cornmeal is much coarser, used to make polenta, muffins and some breads, in particular corn bread.

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What is corned beef and how did it get its name?

In South America and Britain the term refers to beef that has been cured, boiled, heavily pressed and put into cans. The name, however, comes from an Irish American joint that is known in Australia as corned beef - brisket or silverside cured in brine. The early Irish settlers preserved joints of beef by coating them with grains (or corns) or salt, a process known as corning.

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