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Do we need to wrap the fish in foil before going on the barbecue?

Fish cutlets, steaks or whole fish do not need to be wrapped in foil to be barbecued, but it is generally better to choose a firm-fleshed fish such as snapper, swordfish or tuna rather than a soft-fleshed fish, which may fall apart.

The fish can be wrapped up in bacon to provide protection, or it can be marinated to lubricate the flesh - but if the marinade has lime or lemon juice, do not leave it too long.

Note - Do not marinate fish for longer than an hour in any mixture that contains either lime or lemon juice, as the acid in the citrus fruit will start to 'cook' the fish.

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Can we directly barbecue frozen meat and fish without defrosting?

Barbecue frozen food directly is not recommended. Large cuts of meat, poultry or large whole fish that are still frozen would be cooked, and even charred, on the outside by the fierce heat well before the inside had become sufficiently hot. So you may get your food burnt on the outside while it is still uncooked inside.

Small cuts of meat such as thin steaks and small fish could be cooked from frozen but you may need to add extra time with smaller fire. However, the texture of the rapidly defrosted meat will be impaired and not taste good.

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