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Pot Roasted Pork Recipe

Pot Roasted Pork Recipe

Ingredients :

2 kg Leg of pork

1 tablespoon Oil

6 cloves Garlic

2 teaspoons Salt

1/2 teaspoon Ground black pepper

1 tablespoon Fish sauce

1 cup Water


Method :

Slice four of the garlic cloves to be inserted into the meat. Make small deep incisions in the pork with tip of a small knife and insert slices of garlic in each. Crush remaining garlic clove with salt, mix with pepper and fish sauce and rub well all over the pork. Heat oil in a large deep fireproof casserole or heavy saucepan and brown the pork all over on medium heat. Add water, allow it to come to the boil, then turn heat low, cover tightly and cook for 1 1/2 hours or until pork is well cooked. Turn the piece of pork 3 to 4 times during cooking so that all sides come into contact with the base of the pot. Allow it to cool, then slice and serve with salad, or use in other dishes requiring pork. Serve hot with white rice.


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