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Pork Cooked with Sugar Recipe

Pork Cooked with Sugar Recipe

Ingredients :

1.25 kg Pork belly

3 Scallions, finely chopped

2 tablespoons Oil

2 teaspoons Sugar

4 cups Water

2 tablespoons Fish sauce

Salt to taste

Good pinch ground black pepper


Method :

Wash and cut the pork into large bite-size cubes. Do not remove the fats as this is a delicious way to cook the meat. Heat a wok with oil and fry the scallions gently until golden. Add the pork and fry, stirring until the pork is no longer pink in color. Add sugar, salt and pepper, and continue stirring until meat is browned. Add water and simmer without covering pan for 1 hour. Add fish sauce and continue to simmer until the pork is almost dry, taking care to stir frequently as liquid reduces or the pork may burn. Serve with plain white rice.


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