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Spicy Chicken Innards Recipe

Spicy Chicken Innards Recipe

Ingredients :

10 chicken gizzards

10 chicken livers

10 chicken intestines

2 salam leaves

5 tablespoons cooking oil


Spices (ground)

5 cloves garlic

5 shallots

1 tablespoon galangal, chopped finely

1 teaspoon tamarind

3 candlenuts, roasted

Salt and sugar to taste


Method :

Clean the innards and drain. Fill the chicken intestines with the gizzards and livers. Secure with toothpicks at both ends. Put the innards with ground spices, salam leaves and water in a wok. Simmer over low heat until the water evaporated and the innards are tender. Add oil and fry until the innards becomes golden brown in color. Remove from heat and serve hot with rice.


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