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Beef Steak Recipe

Beef Steak Recipe

Ingredients :

500 g beef steak

1/2 teaspoon pepper

3 tablespoon margarine

Nutmeg and salt to taste



100 cc beef stock

2 teaspoons sweet soy sauce

2 cloves

1/4 nutmeg, bruised

1 tablespoon tomato sauce


Serve with

200 g young French beans, boiled

200 g carrots, cut and boiled

250 g potatoes, sliced 1/2 cm thick, fried


Method :

Place the beef pieces on a flat hard surface and pound it with the back of the knife to tenderize it. Rub the flattened beef with nutmeg, salt and pepper. Heat a pan with the margarine and fry the beef until golden brown in color. Remove from the pan and set aside. Pour the beef stock into the pan with the margarine from the frying beef. Add all the other sauce ingredients and simmer over low heat. Place the beef on a serving dish. Serve with the carrots, French beans, potatoes and sauce.


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