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Chapati Recipe

Chapati Recipe

A healthy and simple food to prepare. Delicious when eaten with some curry gravy. Can be eaten at any time of the day.

Ingredients :

400 g roti flour

1 teaspoon salt


1 cup warm water

Cooking Method :


Using a large bowl, mix all the roti flour (except about half a cup) with the ghee and salt. Knead them with your fingers. Add the warm water and continue to knead until it became a firm and smooth dough. Then make it into a shape of a ball and leave it aside for an hour or two, in a bowl, covered with plastic wrap.


Divide the dough and make them into small balls, the size of an egg. Use a rolling pan to roll each ball on a board. Lightly flour it as necessary. This is to ensure that they are not stuck to the board. Once all done, heat a heavy frying pan on medium heat. Cook the chapati on both side on the hot frying pan until it is tender. It should take about a minute to do so.


Serve while still warm with curry.



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