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Burmese National Dish

The National Dish of Burma

The national course of Burma, moh hin gha would be to the Burmese exactly what onion soups would be to the French. Bowls of moh hin gha undoubtedly are a favorite goody available by the roadside stalls and also simply by sellers who carry their food preparation gadgets from home to home using a bamboo pole slung over 1 shoulder. At 1 end will be the compact fireplace although on the other side are all of the makings.

This particular one-course meal is frequently done while engaging big numbers of people. Absolutely no outdoor marketplace event or celebration is total with out the moh hin gha vendors. The rice vermicelli used in the cooking is made fresh every day using slightly fermented rice flour. Few housewives cook it themselves however it can be purchased fresh from the moh sellers ('moh' will be the word meaning flour and everything is produced by using wheat or even rice flour). Chinese rice vermicelli or Italian fine vermicelli could be utilized as an alternative.

Although the basic of the cuisine is really a fish soup curry, a crucial ingredient will be the soft heart of the banana tree - a really typical ingredient in Burma. In the event you have accessibility to a banana tree and therefore are driven to create this dish in exact Burmese style, guard both hands by wearing hand protection gloves and wear your oldest cloths or rags,, simply because the sap from the banana tree leaves a mark that defies the very best stain removers scientific research has to provide. Remove the external layers and throw away. Slice the inside part in thin crossways pieces. Dip in a big container of salted water for several hours. The sticky juice creates impressively strong hair-like strands. Pull these away and dispose of.


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