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There is a widespread misconception on how to become a great cook. It is not simply the mere memorization of hundreds or thousands of cooking recipes. Neither is it the case of having access to special tools and ingredients as there are no special magic in the knives or spices. Anyone who is serious about cooking must learn lessons of greater value and this is where this e-zine comes in.....



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Issue - #010

  • Making a crispy fried chicken

Issue - #009

  • Making a Chicken Sauté

Issue - #008

  • How to Deep-Fry Seafood

Issue - #007

  • Making a Crustacean Stock

Issue - #006

  • Cooking above the heat source.

Issue - #005

  • Deep Frying, the quickest way to cook some foods.

Issue - #004

  • Making a chicken stew.

Issue - #003

  • Steps to make a good fish stock.

Issue - #002

  • How to make a proper chicken stock or broth. An essential ingredients to many dishes.

Issue - #001

  • Marinate to combine food, usually meat or seafood, and occasionally vegetables with aromatic ingredients in order to flavor the food.

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