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Preparing Chicken Breast for Sauteing

(Newsletter Issue #021)


How to prepare chicken breast for sauteing

Whole double chicken breasts can be split in two and cooked with both skin and bone left attached or they can be skinned and boned, as shown below, and with sauteed with or without a coating. It's less expensive to buy bone-in double chicken breasts and bone them yourself rather than to buy already boned breasts. The tenderloin which is the small muscle that runs along one side of the boneless breasts, is usually left attached. But for some dishes, such as the breaded boneless chicken breasts, it's best to cook the tenderloins separately so they don't fall off the rest of the breast during cooking. The small tendon that runs along the tenderloin is removed because it's chewy and rather unattractive.


Skin-on chicken breasts can be sauteed almost in the same way as steaks, except over somewhat lower heat and almost entirely on the skin side to get the skin to release a maximum of fat.


Preparing two boneless chicken breasts

1. Peel off the skin.
2. Slide a small paring or boning knife under the wishbone on one side to free it from the meat.
3. Working on the same side, slide the knife along the breastbone, keeping the knife against the bone and pulling the meat away from the bone.
4. Continue sliding the knife against the bone until you've completely detached the boneless breast. Repeat on the other side.

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