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Yeast-Raised Breads

Yeast-Raised Breads

The earliest breads were nothing like the light, airy breads we know today. Leavened bread did not become possible until the Egyptians, using the wheat that flourished in the fertile Nile River valley, discovered why some of their baked dough seemed to have a different texture.

Few foods appeal so directly to the guest as bread. As more specialty or "artisanal" bakeshops open up around the country, Americans are re-learning the pleasures of good breads. Whole grains, organically grown flours, hearth-style ovens, and old-fashioned techniques are gaining favor. If you are able to produce breads on-site, so much the better.

Several factors should be kept in mind when deciding whether or not to bake breads on the premises. The first is the amount of space available - there should be room to accommodate each stage of the process. Second, there should be adequate and appropriate baking equipment, with enough oven space to avoid "competing" against other kitchen needs.

Although baking is meticulous work, requiring careful measuring and proper handling of dough, the rewards can be significant, especially if quality baked goods are not readily available through a reliable purveyor.


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