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Food Thermometer

Food Thermometer

To prevent food borne illness, you have to ensure that food are cook properly at the correct temperature. You need to cook your food to temperatures that are high enough to destroy all the bacteria, viruses and parasites. With a proper thermometer, you could check the internal temperature of your food to find out if it is properly cooked. Using a thermometer is a reliable way to ensure that food has reached the proper temperature and can help to prevent food borne illness.


Cutting the food open to visually inspect if the food is cooked is not a good way. The color of the meat will not tell you if the meat has reached a safe temperature. Only a food thermometer will be able to tell you what the internal temperature is. A good, instant ready thermometer isn't a luxury item but rather a must.


So you may ask what kind of thermometer you should be using. There are many different kinds of thermometers that give an accurate temperature reading when used properly. A digital instant-read thermometer is very easy to use and to read. Buy a thermometer that gives an actual temperature reading and not just a range. Some thermometers stay in the food while it cooks. Other thermometers go into food only when we think it is almost done cooking. There are thermometers that are suitable for different thickness of food too. Shop around and choose the type of thermometer that's best for the type of cooking you normally do.


To use the thermometer in the correct manner, always read the manufacturer's instructions for proper directions. Do not deviate from those instructions. In general,  most thermometers  are put in the thickest part of the meat, away from fat, bone or gristle.  If the thermometer is inserted incorrectly, or placed in the wrong area, the reading may not be accurately reflected.


Always wash the thermometer and any other utensils you used with soap and hot water after checking the temperature. If the food is not cooked enough, make sure you use a clean thermometer when you check the temperature again. And remember to always clean the thermometer before putting it away.


Some of the different types of thermometers available are the liquid-filled thermometer, bimetal thermometer which is oven safe, bimetal thermometer which gives an instant reading and thermocouple thermometer.


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