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Shallow Poaching

Shallow Poaching

Shallow poaching, like sauteing and grilling, is a technique suited to foods that are cut into portions size or smaller pieces. This method cooks foods using a combination of steam and a liquid bath. The food is partially submerged in a liquid that often contains an acid, such as wine or lemon juice, and aromatics, such as shallots and herbs. The pan is covered to capture some of the steam released by the liquid during cooking. The captured steam cooks the portion of the food not directly in the liquid.

In shallow poaching, a significant amount of flavor is transferred from the food to the cooking liquid. This cooking liquid (or cuisson) is frequently used as the base for a sauce served with the main item. Adding acids such as wine or lemon juice, to the cooking liquid gives the finished sauce a bright flavor. Those same ingredients also make it easier for butter to be emulsified in the sauce, thus is often the sauce of choice.



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