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Serving and Eating a Korean Meal

Serving and Eating a Korean Meal

Silver will discolor whenever it comes into contact with any poison, as such they are considered a safer way to eat in Korea. As such, using a silver chopsticks and spoons have been used extensively in Korean meal .A proper meal setting will also have silver bowls for rice and soup. Pricey, but the silver cutlery is often a natural part of a bride's dowry. Daily settings are of brass or china. These days stainless steel is much more preferred than brass since it doesn't need the polishing which brass does.

Food is served and consumed from bowls, not plates. Things are all placed on the table immediately - rice, soup, fish, chicken, beef, hot sauces, sweet and sour sauces, vegetables cooked in numerous methods and kimchi of assorted kinds. There are many types of kimchi, some prepared by having dried shrimps or salted fish, and complex versions which includes uncommon fruits and veggies. A few are quite strong while some can be mild.

The meal doesn't conclude with sweets. At times fresh fruits are offered, however it's not the daily pattern of eating. Korean fruits consist of apples, Korean pears (not the same as the varieties we all know), oranges, grapes, cherries, plums and persimmons.

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