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Organic Foods

Organic Foods

Organic farming has become an increasingly important issue for virtually all sectors of our society. Farmers, restaurateurs, and consumers are all looking at organic foods more carefully than ever before. The concept behind organic farming is simple. Farmers use organic matter to enrich the soil, control pests and enhance the yield they can generate.

At this point in time, farmers who use organic methods are slightly disadvantage in relation to the large-sale "industrial" farms. First, there are relatively few farms producing organic foods, so the supply does not yet meet the demand.

Second, the costs of organic farming is still greater than it could be to grow foods using chemicals. There may be several reasons to account for this, but the net result is that until there are more farms using organic farming methods, cost will remain slightly higher for organic meats, poultry, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

How do you  know if foods labeled as organic are actually any different than non-organic products? There are several organizations on the national and state level that monitor organic farming. Regulations may vary from organization to organization, but in essence, the farmer must have used no chemicals on the fields for a specified number of years before any foods grown there can be labeled organic. So, if you are purchasing foods that are supposedly organic, ask the farmer or purveyor who has done the inspection of the farm.

The other big question regarding organic foods is: Are they better for you? The jury is still out.  Some reports seem to indicate that any nutritional edge that they have is wishful thinking. Others swing to the other end of the scale, claiming greatly improved nutritional levels.

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