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Marrying East with West

Marrying East with West

Modern Asian cuisine or fusion food is a blend of Eastern and Western ingredients. It means combining ingredients and/or cooking techniques of two or more ethnic cuisines to create meals.  Asian food has captured the world's palates by its rich variety, intense flavors, fragrant aromas, succulent, spicy taste and eye-appealing presentations.

Chinese, Thai, Indian and Japanese cuisines have found their way into the hearts (and stomach) of millions. Most Asian cuisine appears to be following suit.   In the past decade, these Asian delights have spread across the globe at a speed unprecedented by the culinary arts of the world.

Modern Asian cooking is a great way to introduce food lovers to ethnic cuisine. Chefs must, however, take care when creating fusion foods. The key is to use compatible ingredients and a preparation method that effectively fuses the components. A presentation that enhances the food's appearance further guarantees success.

Unfortunately, in the culinary world, there are people who believe that fusion food is nonsense. Many renowned chefs have been condemned for not sticking to authentic cooking styles. Despite this, restaurants serving distinctive modern ethnic dishes are mushrooming and have become the haute cuisine in today's dining dynamics around the globe.

Modern Asian cuisine could be found in different places all over the world. From the finest restaurants, to local fast food take-outs, there is a wide range of choice. Pizza with satay-styled toppings, burger with chicken and black pepper sauce are just a few of the many popular take-outs.

You too can experiment with different spices, sauces and other ingredients or styles to come up with your own flavors. It's all up to your own creativity.

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