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The Language of Nutrition

The Language of Nutrition

Nutrition is the study of the way humans make use of the foods they eat in order to fulfill the body's needs for growth, repair, and maintenance. Nutrients are not foods all by themselves. They are, instead, the elements found in foods. We do not eat pure nutrients, we eat the foods that offer them in good supply. You should still be seeing a beautiful, ripe, glossy, juicy, delicious piece of fruit when you look at an apple - not a carbohydrate / fiber / vitamin / mineral / water delivery system!

A well-nourished body requires adequate supplies of all the nutrients known to be important in maintaining health. While it is likely that there are some essential nutrients not yet identified, we do know that eating a wide variety of foods should provide enough of those we have identified as essential - protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals - as well as those that we know less about.

The following sections below are discussion of the various nutrients our bodies use in the day-to-day process of maintaining, growing, and repairing, is meant as a brief introduction to the terms that are frequently used to discuss foods and the ways that they are used in a cooking style that has included nutrition as a basic concern, along with flavor, texture, color, and overall appeal.

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