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Coriander Seed

Coriander Seed

Coriander seed, with its clean, lemony flavor, is the major component of almost every 'curry powder' or spice mixture used in Indian, Sri Lankan, Indonesian and Malaysian, as well as other curries. The flavor of freshly ground coriander is a world apart from that of ground coriander which has lost its fragrance.

Coriander seed is usually sold in plastic packets. Buy only what you will use in a reasonable time, since storing it for too long may result in weevil attack. If it looks dirty wash it in a few changes of water, drain well, then spread on a baking sheet and dry out in the sun or in a slow oven until quite dry. Transfer to airtight jars in a cupboard until required.

To bring out the flavor, coriander seeds should be gently dry-roasted before grinding, and it is best to grind it in small quantities so it is always fresh. The seed is considered a mild sedative, is also supposed to aid digestion, reduce flatulence and ease migraines. It is known for a fact that it is used to help the stuffiness of colds. Prepare a pot of coriander in hot water and bend over with a towel draped over your head to ensure the steam did not escape, while breathing in deeply of the vapors.

Cups of coriander and ginger brew, sweetened with sugar, are given to cold and flu sufferers.

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