Christmas Pudding Recipe

Christmas Pudding Recipe

Ingredients : Makes two 900 g/2 lb puddings

50 g/2 oz/0.5 cup plain (all-purpose) flour

5 mill tsp salt
5 ml/1 tsp mixed (apple-pie) spice

2.5 ml/0.5 tsp grated nutmeg

2.5 m1/0.5 tsp ground cinnamon
450 g/1 lb raisins, chopped

225 g/8 oz currants
225 g/8 oz sultanas (golden raisins)
50 g/2 oz mixed peel
50 g12 oz flaked (slivered) almonds, chopped
50 g/2 oz ground almonds
450 g/1 lb/2 cups shredded (chopped) suet
225 g/8 oz/4 cups fresh breadcrumbs

100 g/4 oz/0.5 cup soft brown sugar
6 eggs, lightly beaten
75 ml/5 tbsp brandy
250 ml/8 fl oz/1 cup milk

Method :

Mix the flour, salt and spices in a large bowl. Stir in the dried fruit, mixed peel and almonds and stir until the fruit is well coated in the flour. Stir in the ground almonds, suet, breadcrumbs and sugar. Stir in the eggs, brandy and milk, mixing well to a soft dropping consistency. Spoon into two well-greased 900 g/2 lb pudding basins and cover with pleated greaseproof (waxed) paper. Place in one or two large saucepans and add enough boiling water to come half-way up the side of the basins. Cover and steam for 4 hours, topping up with boiling water as necessary. Cover with clean paper and cloth and store in a cool, dry place. When ready to serve, steam in the same way for 2 hours, topping up with boiling water as necessary.

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