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Stages of Whipped Egg Whites

The different stages of whipping egg whites

The most important thing you need to know about beating egg whites is when to stop. Most recipes indicate a certain stage to which the foam should be beaten. Here are the stages, plus a description of overbeaten egg whites.


The egg whites are just lightly whipped to a frothy but still fluid consistency. They will consist of large bubbles on the surface that readily pop. The foam will not hold any peaks when the whisk is lifted from it.

Soft Peaks

This means that the foam is moist, shiny and bright white. When the whisk or beaters are lifted, the foam will form a dull peak, then pile softly or gently curl over. It will also flow when the bowl is tilted.

Stiff Peaks

At this stage, the foam maintains its glossy sheen and holds an upright peak when the whisk or beaters are lifted. it will not flow, or will just barely flow, when the bowl is tilted. At this point, the foam has reached its maximum volume.


This is a common mistake, particularly when whipping with electric mixers. You will know that the egg whites are overbeaten when the foam begins to look dry and granular. To rescue overbeaten egg whites, add an extra fresh white and beat until you have a glossy foam that holds the desired peaks.

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