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Solving Broccoli Problems

Solving Broccoli Problems

To revive limp and uncooked broccoli, just trim 1/2" from the base of the stalk and set the head in a glass of cold water in the refrigerator overnight. And to cook it, steam-boil in a shallow pan of water, adding a pinch each for salt and sugar per cup of cooking water. The color of the broccoli could be brighten by a quick-cook over high heat.

Do not add acids, such as lemon juice or vinegar, to the cooking water to avoid gray-green broccoli. If desired, add them after cooking instead. Avoid overcooking to prevent a sulfurous smell or taste. If steaming, only partially cover the broccoli, and if boiling, don't cover it, so that the vegetable's natural sulfur compounds can escape. You can also place a piece of bread on top of the cooking broccoli to absorb some of the odor. Never cook broccoli in an aluminum pan, or the odor will worsen.

To rescue overcooked broccoli, chop it fine and toss it with rice and seasonings, sprinkle over baked potatoes, and top with melted cheese. Preventing slightly overcooked broccoli from cooking further by draining immediately and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking.

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