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Rib Tips

Country style ribs - prepared from the blade end of the pork loin, and have no fewer than three and no more than six ribs. Brisket bone ribs are small, meaty pieces that have been cut from pork spare ribs during the trimming process when making a St. Louis-style rib.
Back ribs - also known as Canadian back ribs and baby back ribs, are cut from the center section of the loin. Back ribs contain meat between the ribs called finger ribs, and consist of at least eight ribs. St. Louis-style ribs are cut from the spare rib with the brisket bone parallel to the rib side removed. Skirt meat can be removed.
Flat bone - button ribs, small circular in shape, flat with varying amounts of meat. Beef ribs will generally consist of seven ribs, removed from the prime rib during the boning process.
Pork spare ribs - the intact rib section removed from the belly, and may include cartilage with or without the brisket removed and diaphragm trimmed. Spare ribs consist of at least 11 ribs. Lamb ribs are a portion of the breast, and consist of no fewer than seven ribs, three inches wide and not more than seven inches long. The outside of the rib is trimmed of fat, leaving only lean meat.

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