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How to Grill a Chicken

How to Grill a Chicken

Grilling is a great method for cooking chicken because the skin crisps on the grill and grilling adds a savory, gently smoky flavor. Unlike when sautéing, when it's best to start with the skin side down first, start grilling the chicken pieces skin side up over high heat. The flesh side is less likely to cause flames and the charcoal will have a chance to burn down somewhat before you turn the chicken skin side down. If the fire does flare up, move the chicken around on the grill.

A good way to prepare small poultry such as Cornish hens or squab for grilling is to cut out the backbone, spread the bird open, and insert the legs into small incisions made in the skin. This is a practical way to handle small whole birds, because it flattens them so that they grill evenly and quickly. Grill small birds just as you grill chicken. Cornish hens take about ten minutes on each side. Cook red-meat birds such as squab only until the meat is rare to medium-rare, about six minutes on each side.

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