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How to Dice

How to dice

Dicing is more methodical than chopping because dice should be regular and all the same size. Depending on how precise the dice need to be, a vegetable is usually first cut into even strips or julienne and then the strips or julienne are sliced. Very fine dice, slightly smaller than 1/8 inch are called brunoise. Slightly larger dice, a little smaller than 1/4 inch are called macedoine.

It's rarely necessary for home cooks to cut vegetables into perfect dice. Irregular dice are usually okay, as long as the pieces are about the same cut size. It's much easier to cut carrots and other cylindrical vegetables such as parsnips into small triangular pieces than into perfect cubes. To cut a round vegetable into perfect dice, cut off the sides so you start out with one large cube. If you want to save the trimmings which freeze well and can be used for soups or puree, peel the vegetable first, otherwise don't bother.

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