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How to Pan Fry

How to Pan-Fry?

One of the correct ways to pan fry is to assemble all ingredients and preparations together like breading, batters, other coatings, oil, stuffing, marinades and others. Cut the food you are pan-frying into an appropriate size. A whole chicken, for instance, may be cut into eighths. Pork loins can be made into cutlets, which are pounded to an even thickness. Zucchini, eggplant and green tomatoes are usually sliced. Trim away any fat and gristle on the meat. Remove the skin and bones for poultry and fillets of fish, if necessary or desired.

Items for standard breading include flour (with seasoning added if desired), milk and/or beaten eggs and bread crumbs. Batter, such as beer batter, are prepared according to the formula or recipe being used. They should be held at the correct temperature, if they are made in advance. Refer to the recipes for guidance.

The oil for pan-frying should have the ability to reach high temperatures without breaking down or smoking. Vegetable oils, olive oil and shortenings are all appropriate. Rendered animal fats have a place in certain regional and ethnic dishes. You should understand that many people have not grown up with these dishes on their daily table, however. Today's guest may find chicken fried in lard a taste that is too heavy. Oils with particular flavors, especially olive oil or rendered bacon, pork, or goose fats, should be selected with an understanding that they will have an influence on the flavor of the finished dish.

Filling, stuffing, or sauces are all commonly a part of the pan frying technique. Some dishes will call for a sauce to be made separately. At least one classic dish, the gravy for southern fried chicken, is made directly in the pan used to fry the food.

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