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Taking the flesh out of a coconut

Taking the flesh out of a Coconut

When buying a coconut, hold it up to your ear and give it a shake. You should be able to hear the liquid sloshing around inside.

To take out the flesh, follow the below steps -

  • Twist a Phillips head screwdriver into 2 of the indentations (the eyes) at one end of the coconut. If you have difficulty, pound the screwdriver into the holes with a hammer. Drain off the coconut juice. It makes a delightful sweet drink but is not the same as coconut milk.

  • Bake the coconut in a 350oF oven for 20 minutes to make the flesh pull away from the shell. Wrap the coconut in a towel, place it on a hard surface, and crack open with a hammer.

  • Pull the coconut apart. Use a regular screwdriver to snap the white interior away from the hard outer shell.

  • Peel off the brown skin with a vegetable peeler.

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