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Choosing the Right Apple

Choosing the Right Apple

There are currently more than 3,000 varieties of apples, which range from mouth-puckering tart to candy-sweet in shades of green, gold, pink and red. Below are the most popular varieties and how to use them (the best uses for each apple are listed first). Some apples are recommended specifically for salads because their flesh is slow to brown. For baked apples, Rome Beauty is the best choice.

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Apple Characteristics Best Uses
Arkansas Black Crisp, juicy Eating, sauce
Baldwin Crisp, juicy Baking, eating
Braeburn Crisp, sweet/tart Eating, sauce, pie
Bramley Sweet, tangy Baking, sauce
Cortland Fragrant, tangy Salad, baking, sauce, eating
Empire Super-crisp, sweet, juicy Eating, salad
Fuji Sweet, juicy Eating
Gala Crisp, fragrant, mildly tart Eating, baking, sauce
Golden Delicious Juicy, sweet Sauce, baking, salads, eating
Granny Smith Tart, crisp Baking, eating
Gravenstein Crisp, tart Baking, sauce
Idared Juicy, fragrant, tart Baking
Jonagold Tart, juicy, crisp Eating, baking
Jonathan Crisp, juicy Eating, sauce, pie
Lady Apple Juicy, intensely sweet Eating, baking
Macoun Firm, fragrant, very flavorful Eating, baking
McIntosh Tart, juicy, slightly spicy, very soft Eating, sauce
Mutsu Crisp, juicy Eating
Northern Spy Full-flavored, very firm Baking, eating
Red Delicious Crisp, mildly tart Eating
Rome Beauty Slightly tart, firm Baking
Spartan Well-balanced, sweet, tart Eating
Winesap Sweet, juicy with a slightly fermented wine flavor Eating, sauce

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