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Making a Bouquet Garni

Making a Bouquet Garni

A bouquet garni is a bundle or packet of herbs that is added to broths, stews and soups to give them a subtle herbal flavor and aroma. A classic French bouquet garni contains parsley (it is more economical to use just stems if you can use the leaves for something else), thyme, and bay leaves, but in different regions and different countries, other herbs are sometimes used.

In the south of France, for example, flavorful ingredients such as dried orange peel are sometimes included. Most American cookbooks suggest tying the herbs in a packet of cheesecloth. This is useful when you're using dried herbs off the stem, but if your herbs - dried or flesh - are still on the stem, it's far easier just to tie the herbs together with string. Remember also that the size of a bouquet garni is determined by the amount of liquid it will be simmered in.

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